Why is this course offered through my school’s Professional Development program?

Your school is committed to providing you with the best education and training available for children with Autism. The National Autism Academy has partnered with the IDES and your ROE to offer this very specialized teacher training. We are all committed to providing the best learning environment for children with Autism and other disruptive dysfunctional behaviors.


How was this course developed?

This unique and comprehensive course for teachers was developed by two leading professionals, Jeanne Beard, and Dr. Timothy Wahlberg. Jeanne Beard is a nationally known thought leader and trainer in the field of children with Autism and the author of “Autism for the Rest of Us.” She has been teaching and training parents, teachers, and professionals for over 12 years. She is also a mother of two children on the spectrum. Dr. Wahlberg is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist in private practice with over 25 years of experience working with parents and professionals in the autism field. Our courses have been designed and developed by these two experts to provide easy to understand, practical and essential training for educators.


How much does the course cost?

$297.00 for the Professional Development course including the eight classes and twelve case studies. PDU/CEU hours are a one for one credit.

$397 for the two-hour graduate credit course offered through Lindenwood University. There is also a $150 charge for Lindenwood to administer the graduate credits. Graduate credits are fully transferable.

Both courses include the online presentation materials; instructor reviewed homework materials, bonus content and a link for a free copy of two bestselling books on Autism. “Autism for the rest of us” by Jeanne Beard and “Finding the Gray” by Dr. Tim Wahlberg.


Will my school reimburse me for this training?

Many schools consider this essential training for teachers and will reimburse you for continuing education for the two-hour graduate course. Speak to your PD coordinator about continuing education reimbursements. Many schools have Professional Development programs that will reimburse educators. We can create a partnership program with your school that will save you money! Ask about our affiliate program for special pricing.


How much time will it take?

Both 30-hour courses are taken online and at your own pace. The content is delivered through eight classes and twelve individual case studies that provide easy to digest and apply strategies and interventions.


How many PDU’s or CEU’s can I earn?

Our 3 to 4-hour individual classes and 30-hour course has won the approval from the IDES for a one for one credit hour per class or course rate.


Is this 30-hour course eligible for graduate credit?

Yes, Lindenwood University, a nationally known, accredited University, will award two graduate credit hours for completion of the course, individual class tests, and a final exam. There is an additional $150 fee for Lindenwood to administer the graduate credits. These graduate hours are fully transferable to any college or university.


How long do I have to complete the training?

There is no time limit to complete either the PDU/CEU or graduate program.  The course is delivered online and is designed as a self-study program taken at your own pace either school or home.


What tools will I have when I complete the training?

  • The importance of the teacher’s attitude and approach to autism in general
  • The autism’s neurological basis and validity
  • Strategies for gaining increased compliance
  • Strategies for emotional management of the child with ASD
  • Strategies for a more successful educational experience for the child with autism
  • Strategies for a better overall classroom experience for everyone
  • Strategies for supporting the functional growth of the child on the autism spectrum

Are Jeanne Beard and Dr. Wahlberg available for face to face seminars, live online sessions or other ways to help us broaden the training?

Yes, we have developed a robust, one-day, 6-hour onsite program to jump-start educators. This program will give you the education and training needed to understand and address improving your capability as a teacher with a child with Autism. We also include training that applies to any dysfunctional behavior that undermines your ability to succeed in the classroom. Also, both Jeanne Beard and Dr. Wahlberg are available to meet with your group in person or provide live training via the web.


I have students that struggle with issues and symptoms that might be un-diagnosed children on the spectrum. Will your course help me know how to identify and improve the school experience for these students?

Yes, You will learn about common characteristics that may create challenges for a student and how to manage them regardless of a professional diagnosis.


Will your course help me become a better resource for parents by helping me better identify a student's challenges and create practical solutions that support the success of the child both in school and at home?

Yes, Our training will enable you to build partnerships with parents by helping them understand some of the behavioral issues that underly problematic behavior and the application of essential and practical day to day success strategies.


Do you offer other training I should know about?

Yes, we have training for school social workers, speech pathologists, therapists, and professionals. We are involved with many types of professions where the knowledge and skill needed to understand and help improve the lives of children with Autism is important.


Are you creating new classes and courses?

Yes, we are talking to several professional groups that would like to train their staff in Autism awareness. Also, we are continuously improving and enhancing our courses. We welcome your ideas on new classes, materials, case studies, and other tools that will empower you as a teacher.


Do you have a way I can communicate with other teachers that have taken this course to continually improve my knowledge, skills, and ability to develop interventions?

Yes, It’s called the Teacher’s Inner Circle – an Autism On-going Workshop

Learning the principles from the course will change your thinking. Ongoing support will change your ability to implement what you learned, your results from implementing will change the experience for you, for the child, for their parents, and impact the school’s reputation and bottom line.

Weekly calls at 3:30 CST in the afternoon. On these calls we discuss:

  • Mini Training (reviewing a concept)
  • Case Study (employing the concept)
  • Open Implementation Support for teachers on the call

How do I contact you for additional information?

Contact Murray Carlson, VP of Business Development
(800) 266-7013 extension 2

We are the National Autism Academy. Dedicated to providing excellence in teacher training for Autism in the Classroom.

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