Jeanne Beard

Autism Thought Leader & Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Jeanne has appeared on dozens of radio shows in many markets including iHeart Radio, Starcom Radio Network,
KC Armstrong’s WMAP, as well as being featured in the upcoming books by Jane Seymour, and the first edition
of the “World’s Most Amazing People” Book by KC Armstrong.

The Time for Autism Awareness has Passed, Now is the Time for Autism Acceptance and Action!

A Cure for Autism Would Halt the Incredible Contributions that Can be Made to the Corporate and Scientific World by Those With Autism

People With Autism are No Longer an Anomaly: They are Now a Growing Minority

Clinical Expertise Wrapped in a Mother’s Love

An Often Misunderstood Diagnosis

National Autism Academy Offers Free 7-Part Video Series for Parents of Autistic Children

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