The Number One Fact That Grandparents of Children on
The Autism Spectrum MUST Recognize

The quality of the parenting is not the issue which created the autism, nor will simple discipline, traditional parenting strategies, or “tough love” be enough to help a child with autism create long term success. Chances are, your grandchild’s parents (your son or daughter) are already feeling the stress of raising a child with special needs, so to blame their parenting for their child’s difficulties is unfair, and will probably spark a negative reaction. Children with autism usually require strategies adapted to their special way of interpreting the world in order to succeed. These are not the same strategies that you used with your children, or that might be effective with grandchildren who are not on the autism spectrum.

The more we understand about the unique dynamics of autism, the more we embrace it and gain knowledge, skills and tools to navigate the experience effectively, the more we can support our grandchild and his or her parents, and the better chance our grandchild will have to succeed in life and function in the world independently.


Course #1: 20 Ways to Create Connection with your Autistic Grandchild and Support Their Parents

This training will provide general insight and support for grandparents,
who can contribute in so many ways to the success of their child and grandchild.

Do you…

  • Desire a stronger connection with your grandchild and his/her family?
  • Long to make a significant difference in your grandchild’s life?
  • Want to deeply understand and support your grandchild and his/her parents?
  • Feel that there is more that could be done to help?
  • Want to adopt the most productive mindset possible?
  • Want to reduce the friction between yourselves and your child (the parent)?
  • Believe that your grandchild can thrive and be successful given the proper support?
  • Want guidance on long term planning for a grandchild on the spectrum?

After Completing this Program, you will have Autism Basics…

  • A clearer understanding of the neurology behind the autism
  • An idea of the impact of autism on all family members
  • Valuable ideas and activities to improve the family experience
  • Communication strategies that will be more effective
  • Greater compassion and understanding for the individual with ASD
  • Ideas and tools to help you support your son or daughter and their family
  • A summary of an Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Grandparent Study
  • A template to create your own personal plan

The Program Includes:

  • Free On-line Grandparent Assessment (
  • “10 Powerful Mindsets that Support Your Family”
  • 6 Easy-to- Understand Training Modules
    – Module 1: A Powerful Mindset for Success
    – Module 2: The Autistic Brain and How Neurology Influences Behavior
    – Module 3: Common Characteristic Patterns
    – Module 4: Successful Communication Strategies
    – Module 5: How To Support the Child’s Parents Emotionally
    – Module 6: Creating Your Personalized Plan
  • Links to Online Video Content
  • Credit of $147 toward upgrade to Essential Parenting Guidance Complete Program with Group & Private Coaching

Course #2: Essential Parenting Guidance

This program is designed for parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to learn to provide the best therapeutic environment possible at home. Based on the work of one of the nation’s leading autism clinical experts, this program is packed with proven strategies and the tools, education, and support you need to implement these powerful interventions at home quickly and effectively to get results. You will also receive encouragement and support from other parents just like you, and tools to help navigate and win the inner game of parenting a child with autism.

After Completing this Program, you’ll …

  • Have established the most important/immediate goals you have for your child
  • Gain a clear understanding of the role neurology plays in autism
  • Understand the sensory overload your child experiences and why
  • Learn how your child’s brain works, and the reasons behind his/her behavior
  • Understand how (and why) the autism affects social behavior, and how to respond
  • Taken a pivotal first step toward a better future for your entire family
  • Have learned proven strategies developed by clinical experts on autism
  • Have specific guidance to tackle the top 4 problems parents face: Handling
  • Homework, Hygiene, Helping around the House, and Having Friends
  • Make a significant shift in how you interact with your child that improves results
  • Feel reduced anxiety and tension in the family
  • Experience a sense of being more connected to you child
  • Feel supported and encouraged by other parents like yourself
  • Feel new hope for better outcomes with your child
  • Receive the tools you need to continue to make progress at home

After Completing this Program, more than likely your child or grandchild will have…:

  • Reduced confusion and frustration
  • A greater sense of being understood and supported
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced meltdowns
  • Moved in the direction of greater functionality and independence

This Program Includes:

  • Free Online assessment
  • E-Book – “Autism and the Rest of Us,” by Jeanne Beard
  • Membership in our Private Facebook Support Community for NAA students only
    o   Compare notes with other parents
    o   Get tips and ideas that have worked for other parents
    o   Get unlimited community support
  • Essential Parenting Guidance Program (6-month access) Includes:
    o   Orientation Module
    o   5 Modules containing 10 hours of recording and 120 pages of written transcripts)
    o   All graphs and charts needed to create the interventions successfully
    o   Bonus Module on the Top 4 Problems Parents Face
    o   7 Live group Q&A Coaching calls with Jeanne
  • 1 private 50-minute coaching call with Jeanne
  • 1 Live group coaching call with Dr. Wahlberg
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