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  • Get the Top 10 Tips for Communicating Effectively with a Person with Autism. These tips will help parents and educators learn to communicate with a person with autism effectively.

Autism from the Outside

is designed to help the people who surround a family with a child who is on the autism spectrum to understand more deeply and in a non-clinical way, the experience of those with autism and their parents. If you are a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, other relative, friend, neighbor, educator, doctor, therapist or just an interested party in a child’s life, and you suspect a child has autism, or you already know that they have autism, this report will provide some important perspectives you need to know to be helpful.

Stop the Meltdowns

Autism and the Rest of Us Excerpts:

  • How to Sustain a Healthy, Functional, and Satisfying Life with a Person on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism Fully Resourced: Peace for Today, and a Plan for Tomorrow

  • 6-part webinar series replays: learn from a panel of experts who understand your needs and are ready to help you plot your course to have more peace today and a powerful plan for tomorrow.

Give the Gift of Hope

  • Do you know someone who is coping with autism in their family and want to show you care?
  • Give the gift of encouragement for less than the cost of a greeting card!
  • Gift Amazon’s latest bestseller, Autism & The Rest of Us (in e-book format) delivered to a friend, and receive a free bonus “Autism From The Outside” for yourself

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