The Number One Fact That Parents of Children on
The Autism Spectrum MUST Recognize to Succeed

The quality of parenting determines the level of the child’s success. Children on the spectrum need parenting on steroids! Unlike neuro-typical children, our children depend on us to mediate between them and their world. If we are confused about what to do, frustrated, afraid, or angry as a result of life with autism, we CANNOT show up as the powerful parent our child needs for his or her best chance of success, yet this is exactly what so many of us experience.

The more we understand about the dynamics of autism, the more we embrace it and gain knowledge, skills and tools to navigate the experience effectively, the more we can support our child, and the better chance our child will have to succeed in life and function in the world independently.

This powerful program will…

Give You Answers to Questions Such As:

  • Why does he/she do that?

  • How do I get through to him/her?

  • Why is he/she so stuck in his/her ways?

  • Why is everything so extreme?

  • Why can’t he/she ever see anyone else’s point of view?

  • Is he/she manipulating me?

  • Why do I feel so out of control?

  • How do I get him/her to take responsibility for his/her actions?

  • How can I make real change in my child?

Learning & Understanding..

  • Understand the message behind your child’s behavior

  • Create a deeper connection with your child

  • Relieve the tension level in your family

  • Feel the relief that comes from taking action that works

  • Feel confident about when to make an exception

  • Relieve the out-of-control feeling and begin to feel better!

  • Discover new hope for the future!

Get Relief Today!

Autism Empowerment Program Part 1:
Essential Parenting Guidance

What You Receive With This Course:

7 Weekly Live Training Calls

receive valuable content, celebrate wins, experience the support of the community, get answers to your questions, and get clear about what next steps will move you toward your goals. You will have the rare opportunity for Q&A with Dr. Tim Wahlberg, who will personally participate in 2 of the calls.

8 Hours of powerful video and audio trainings that will teach you how to

put into practice all you are learning in the Course. The online material consists of an Orientation, 5 Modules, and a Bonus Module.

6 months access

to the National Autism Academy Online Learning Center.

2 individual 1 on 1 private coaching calls with Jeanne to get your

questions answered. You’ll get clear about what your next steps will be to move closer to your goals.

Email support

which ensures you will always have someone to turn to for the support and answers you need. Jeanne will personally answer your questions.

Become a part of a Community

of people who are learning to live more peacefully and powerfully and to actively seek to create greater results in their life.

Here is what you will learn in the Autism Empowerment Program: Essential Parenting Guidance

Module 1: Understanding the Autistic Brain

In this module you will learn the basics of autistic brain neurology and how that impacts the behavior of the child with autism.

This will help you understand your child by answering these questions:

  • Why does he/she do that?
  • Why can’t he/she calm down?
  • How do I get through to him/her?
  • Why doesn’t my child respond to my parenting like my other children?”

Module 2: How Behavior is Influenced by the Autistic Brain Architecture

In this module, we turn up the volume on your capacity for success by helping you identify areas that are causing you discomfort and causing your parenting to derail. You will begin the shift of your parenting paradigm to one that successfully fits life with autism. This module provides the insights for helping you take steps to create the family life you desire.

This information will help you by answering these questions:

  • Why does he/she get so angry?
  • Why does he/she question the rules?
  • How do I minimize a meltdown?

Module 3: Thinking Patterns: Black and White Thinking, Rigid Thinking, Literal Thinking and Getting Stuck

In this module, you will dive into the important work of understanding common autistic thinking. This information creates a framework that can be applied to every aspect of life. We will detail 3 of the 9 specific patterns of thought that arise from the neurological architecture of the autistic brain and influence the behavior, communication, and relationships we have with the child on the spectrum.

This module will answer the questions:

  • Why is it he/she is so stuck in his/her ways?
  • Why is everything such an over-reaction to things that are so simple?
  • Why can’t he/she ever see anyone else’s point of view?
  • Why is he/she so literal?

Module 4: Areas of Deficiency: Executive Functioning and Lack of Accountability

In this module, we will continue the important work of understanding common autistic thinking by discussing 3 more of the 9 specific patterns of thought that arise from the neurological architecture of the autistic brain: Executive Functioning, Short Term Memory Issues and Lack of accountability.

This module will answer the questions:

  • Why does he/she never thinks he/she is at fault?
  • Why doesn’t he/she learn from his/her experiences?
  • Why is he/she so irresponsible?
  • Why can’t he/she ever remember what they are supposed to do?

Module 5: Emotional Regulation: The Need for Control and Sameness, Managing Anger

In this module, we will conclude the important work of understanding common autistic thinking by detailing the final 3 of the 9 specific patterns of thought that arise from the neurological architecture of the autistic brain: Control, the drive for Sameness and Literal Thinking.

This module will answer the questions:

  • Why is he/she so controlling?
  • Why can’t he/she be flexible?
  • Why does he/she only eat chicken nuggets?
  • Why does he/she misinterpret so many things?

Bonus Module: The Top 4 Issues Most Parents Face: Hygiene, Homework, Having Friends, Helping Around the House

In this Bonus Module, we will apply what we have covered to help you create specific approaches to the top 4 issues most parents of children on the spectrum face; Hygiene, Homework, Having Friends, and Helping around the House. Imagine how your life would change if you could conquer these 4 problems!

This module will answer the questions:

  • Why doesn’t he brush his teeth?
  • How come he refuses to do homework when he knows it has to be done?
  • Why doesn’t he want any friends?
  • How come he never helps around the house like the other kids?

An Opportunity to Learn from a Powerful Team

Jeanne Beard

Founder of National Autism Academy
Author of “Autism & The Rest of Us”

Dr. Timothy Wahlberg

Faculty Member
Author of “Finding the Gray”

About National Autism Academy

As Jeanne grew in her understanding of life with autism, her personal mission became supporting other parents by providing the help she needed and couldn’t find. Jeanne is so sure that this information will change your life that she created the National Autism Academy to provide the platform to share this incredibly valuable information with you from the comfort of your home, and with the flexibility you need to fit it into your schedule.

At the National Autism Academy, our goal is to help transform the autism parenting experience to one that:

  • Creates real and lasting results
  • Moves your child down the road to independence
  • Feels more manageable
  • Feels more peaceful, more supported and more fulfilling
  • Honors the gifts of the child on the spectrum
  • Nurtures the entire family

At the National Autism Academy, we believe:

  • Every person with autism is a unique and cherished individual
  • The foundation of a healthy approach is unconditional love
  • As parents, the greatest resources we can leverage for change is our knowledge, our own perspective and our own emotional health
  • Parenting a child with autism can be a joyful experience
  • All members of the family are affected by one member’s autism, and so we are all part of the equation for success

Imagine the joy of experiencing real shifts in your child and seeing them succeed where they had not succeeded before. You’ll experience them becoming more comfortable in their own skin as a result of the knowledge you’ve gained completing a series of simple exercises in this program. The Autism Empowerment Program is like having a personal autism coach by your side, helping you identify how autism effects your unique child and helping you find the perfect next steps so you can serve the well-being of your entire family.

If you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver or teacher of a child with autism…

This program is for you!

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National Autism Academy’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re confident that you will be thrilled with the Autism Empowerment Program. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will begin a life-transforming experience.